Custocy accelerates growth with its sovereign NDR solution

March 21, 2024
Cybersecurity - Security network

Custocy, a Toulouse-based editor specialising in AI applied to cybersecurity, announces it is accelerating the deployment of its indirect commercial strategy. This initiative marks an important step in Custocy’s expansion. Aware that cybersecurity is an arms race between attack and defence, Custocy has invested nearly 6 million euros in R&D since 2018 to design its sovereign and innovative NDR (Network Detection & Response) solution, now 100% operational and proven by satisfied early customers. 

A Long-term vision for proactive cybersecurity 

While cyberattack campaigns are generally persistent over time, it is necessary to anticipate a future where they will become much more industrialised, automated, and rapid. Reducing noise in network detection then becomes fundamental. As a result of this long-term vision, Custocy has developed cutting-edge technology, capable of adapting to constantly evolving unknown threats and providing robust, precise, and reliable protection to organisations across all sectors. Custocy is now the only French network intrusion detection platform with a technological core centred on AI, deployed with a hyperscaler.

Proven technology 

After heavily investing in R&D in recent years, receiving numerous awards and support (i-NOV funding, Gold Trophy “innovative solution” – Cybernight, innovation award – Cas d’Or de la cybersécurité, etc.) and proving its solution in operational conditions revealing various discoveries among its clients (shadow IT, decommissioned servers still on the network, suspicious ICMP traffic, web downloads from critical servers, Log4J attempts, etc.), Custocy is taking a new step. Its technological maturity now allows it to embark on the CSPN certification process, offering an additional layer of trust. Indeed, this market release certificate will attest to a first level of robustness for its clients.

Growth acceleration through the development of strategic partnerships  

In this context, Custocy will now accelerate its growth by developing a network of strategic and local partners. Partners eager to provide their client with the service layer around the network context, relying on a sovereign and innovative NDR, 100% made in France. Excellence and customer satisfaction are at the heart of Custocy’s commercial strategy, which aims to surround itself with committed and trustworthy partners to effectively support clients in their cyber projects.

Multiple promotion actions in 2024 

Custocy will be present at upcoming major events such as the IT & Cybersecurity Meetings, the Forum InCyber, Ready For IT, Paris Cyber Show, the ECW, and the CBC. Beyond its participation in these key meetings, the Toulouse gem is also solicited to bring its expertise to numerous round tables, master classes, or conferences where it presents its work in AI applied to cybersecurity. Its interventions reflect its commitment to contributing to the evolution of cybersecurity, highlighting the importance of AI as a key technology in the fight against cyber threats.

Our SaaS solution, now fully operational, marks the beginning of a new phase for Custocy. Now, our goal is to accelerate our growth by offering organisations precise and effective threat detection, based on the power of AI. In a context where AI has become the number one issue for companies in terms of cybersecurity, our advanced NDR technology positions itself as an indispensable tool. Our strength lies in our internal AI expertise, allowing us to offer a trustworthy, scalable by design NDR, to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Innovation is an integral part of our DNA, and we are determined to remain at the forefront of technology to provide our clients with a cutting-edge digital security solution.